Why Package Applications
Packaging delivers

  • Easy Software updates
  • Reduce Helpdesk support
  • Maintain software consistency
  • Reduce software failure

We can package

  • Fixed Price (Offsite)
  • Time and Material
  • Onsite with your staff
  • BAU or Project based

Deploy packages to

  • Windows desktops
  • Windows Laptops
  • Citrix Servers
  • Remote machines

Ever wondered what is inside a .APPV file of your App-V 5.x package ?

The .appv file is simply a 'compressed folder' so just rename the .appv file to .zip and open it in Windows Exploerer or your favourite ZIP application.

In App-V 5 the old SFT format is gone, replaced by a new AppV format. The SFT format was created for the original SoftGrid product in order to support streaming on a block, rather than file, basis. The .Appv format also make the 4GB limit of the SFT file history.


MSI Packaging tools