Why Package Applications
Packaging delivers

  • Easy Software updates
  • Reduce Helpdesk support
  • Maintain software consistency
  • Reduce software failure

We can package

  • Fixed Price (Offsite)
  • Time and Material
  • Onsite with your staff
  • BAU or Project based

Deploy packages to

  • Windows desktops
  • Windows Laptops
  • Citrix Servers
  • Remote machines

How do App-V 5 Shortcuts work ?.


There seems to be a bit of slight of hand goings on here with App-V shortcuts, here some background.

When an App-V 5 application get delivered it get deployed to:


C:\ProgramData\App-V\[PackageID-GUID]\...    and all its files are under there.


But when you then Publish that package to the user where the shortcuts are now visible to the user, and you examine the properties of the shortcut you see that its pointing at:




So, is there 2 copies of the package now ? one under ProgramData and one under %LOCALAPPDATA% ?

No there isn't, when you follow the crumbs down to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\AppV\Client\Integration\[PackageID-GUID] you'll notice the GUID is a 'shortcut/redirect' type of link known as a 'hard link' and when you go into that it appears as if you are looking at a copy of the package when in fact it has redirected you to the ProgramData portion.

Yup ! we now have a path that changes direction half way through:



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