Why Package Applications
Packaging delivers

  • Easy Software updates
  • Reduce Helpdesk support
  • Maintain software consistency
  • Reduce software failure

We can package

  • Fixed Price (Offsite)
  • Time and Material
  • Onsite with your staff
  • BAU or Project based

Deploy packages to

  • Windows desktops
  • Windows Laptops
  • Citrix Servers
  • Remote machines

Common App-V 5 Powershell Commands

The following posts contains common App-V 5 Powershell commands. Assuming a package consisting of the following:

Package Name: AlkaneSolutions

and a connection group consisting of:

Package Name: AlkaneSolutions_ConnectionGroup


General Commands

Import the App-V 5 module (so we can use the cmdlets below):

Import-Module AppvClient


Set execution policy to unrestricted (used during testing – should really be set by policy in a live environment):

Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted


Enable Package Scripting (can also be done via policy):

Set-AppvClientConfiguration -EnablePackageScripts 1


Package Commands

Add Package:

Add-AppvClientPackage "\AlkaneSolutions.appv"


Add Package with a Deployment Config:

Add-AppvClientPackage "\AlkaneSolutions.appv" -DynamicDeploymentConfiguration "\AlkaneSolutions_DeploymentConfig.xml"


Publish Package (-Global will publish globally. Omitting this will publish to the user):

Publish-AppvClientPackage -Name "AlkaneSolutions" -Global


Mount the package at 100%:

Mount-AppvClientPackage -Name "AlkaneSolutions"


Add, Publish and Mount Package on One Line:

Add-AppvClientPackage "\AlkaneSolutions.appv" | Publish-AppvClientPackage -Global | Mount-AppvClientPackage


Add and publish App-V package along with a deployment xml:

Add-AppvClientPackage "\AlkaneSolutions.appv" -DynamicDeploymentConfiguration "\AlkaneSolutions_DeploymentConfig.xml" | Publish-AppvClientPackage -Global


Add and publish App-V package along with a User Config xml (note how -Global is omitted from this command):

Add-AppvClientPackage "\AlkaneSolutions.appv" | Publish-AppvClientPackage -DynamicUserConfigurationPath "\AlkaneSolutions_UserConfig.xml"


Unpublish package:

Unpublish-AppvClientPackage -name "AlkaneSolutions"


Delete App-V Package from cache:

Remove-AppvClientPackage -name "AlkaneSolutions"


Connection Group Commands

Add Connection Group:

Add-AppvClientConnectionGroup -path "\AlkaneSolutions_ConnectionGroup.xml"


Enable Connection Group (-Global will publish globally. Omitting this will publish to the user):

Enable-AppvClientConnectionGroup -name "AlkaneSolutions_ConnectionGroup" -Global


Add and Enable a Connection Group on One Line:

Add-AppvClientConnectionGroup -path "\AlkaneSolutions_ConnectionGroup.xml" | Enable-AppvClientConnectionGroup -Global


Disable Connection Group:

Disable-AppvClientConnectionGroup -name "AlkaneSolutions_ConnectionGroup"


Remove Connection Group:

Remove-AppvClientConnectionGroup -name "AlkaneSolutions_ConnectionGroup"


Disable and Remove Connection Group on One Line:

Disable-AppvClientConnectionGroup -name "AlkaneSolutions_ConnectionGroup" | Remove-AppvClientConnectionGroup


Verification Commands

Get App-V Client Configuration Settings:



View all added (not neccessarily published) packages (useful for retrieving names, GUIDs, publishing status etc):

Get-AppvClientPackage -all


View all added (not neccessarily published) connection groups (useful for retrieving namesm GUIDs, publishing status etc):

Get-AppvClientConnectionGroup -all


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