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The process javaw.exe is a program made by Oracle Corporation, Inc. which works along with Internet Explorer as a Java plug-in. There is a similarity between the process javaw.exe and the program java.exe. The only difference is that the process javaw.exe has no console window when running. If you don't want to see a command prompt window, the process javaw.exe could most likely be used. The javaw.exe is a launcher file that will show a dialog box during times when a failure in launching of a program occurs.

This executable file javaw.exe can sometimes be used as a camouflage by some malware which usually reside on the Windows folder. These fake javaw.exe files are known to cause harmful effects to your system's performance such as system crashes and slow speeds and it is highly recommended that users should constantly check abnormal memory usage of certain files that uses the same file name as this file. It is also highly recommended to run a malware scanning tool to detect unwanted files in your system. The javaw.exe process doesn't consume a large amount of resources.

The javaw.exe process deals with computer network security. This application is also known as the Java Virtual Machine which is used by a computer for it to be able to execute programs that are written using the Java programming language. The process javaw.exe does not only work with Internet Explorer but it is also capable of performing tasks on other web browsers. It is highly recommended that you leave this process running in the background for it to be able to fully perform its designated tasks.

The javaw.exe program automatically starts during Windows boot up process so it is not necessarily recommended that you make a shortcut icon of this program on your desktop. It is also highly advised that you avoid removing the process javaw.exe process from its designated folder for you to be able to maximize the uses of this file and to avoid certain application malfunctions.


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